Importing recipes from Web sites

If a recipe you want to add to your collection is on a Web page, you can have Recipe Tamer import the recipe rather than typing it in yourself. To do this, you can use any of the following methods:

Here's some important information about recipe import:

What's imported

Generally Recipe Tamer only imports the key parts of the recipe (and some sites may not provide all of this information):

  • Ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Yield
  • Preparation times
  • Some notes
  • The main image for the recipe

We don't import extended text or photos from blog posts. If you want to save this information with the recipe, you'll need to edit the recipe after it's imported and paste this information into the Notes.

How it's displayed

When you view a recipe that you've imported, you'll see all of the imported information within Recipe Tamer, using our format for the recipe. If you share the recipe with anyone else (by sharing a link or by sharing with friends in Recipe Tamer), they will see any notes that you have added to the recipe, plus a link to the original recipe site. They will not see the content that we've imported from the site. That is, they will have to go to the original site to view the recipe. That's because we want to preserve the ability of the recipe's author to get traffic to their Web site.

Sites Recipe Tamer Understands

See this page for a list of sites that Recipe Tamer understands how to read.

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