Creating recipes by e-mail

Each Recipe Tamer user gets an e-mail address that can be used to create recipes by e-mail. You can find your address on your Profile Page.

What you can send

To create a recipe, send an e-mail to the address containing any of these:

The URL (address) of a recipe on the Web

Recipe Tamer will download the page and try to read it, just like if you entered a URL on the Import Page. This won't work for sites that you have to log in to view, or for sites that Recipe Tamer doesn't know how to read. More about importing recipes.

A recipe

Recipe Tamer will create a new recipe using the e-mail subject as the name. If the e-mail contains a recipe pasted from a Web site that Recipe Tamer knows how to read, it will identify all the parts (ingredients, instructions, etc.). Otherwise it will just put all the content in the Introduction section of the recipe, and you can split out the parts when you edit the recipe.

If the e-mail has attachments, these will be added to the recipe.

One or more attachments

If your message just has attachments (no message text), Recipe Tamer will create a new recipe, using the message subject as the title, and will copy the attachments to the recipe. Recipe Tamer will create one recipe per message, and all the attached files will be attached to the recipe.

More information

Your e-mail message must be sent from the e-mail address you use to log in to Recipe Tamer. If you send the message from another address, Recipe Tamer will ignore it, and you won't get a reply.

Otherwise, you'll get a reply from Recipe Tamer giving you a link to your new recipe, or a message telling you why the recipe couldn't be created.

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