Uploading recipes

If you have a photo or a scan of a recipe and you are happy to just cook from that (rather than typing the recipe into Recipe Tamer), you can quickly add it to Recipe Tamer using the Upload feature.

For best results, use a desktop scanner or a scanning app. Scanning apps work better than just taking a picture with your phone, because they'll try to adjust the contrast and remove distortion. We've had good results with Adobe Scan and CamScanner, but have no relationship with them.

When you use the Upload feature, you only need to enter a title for your recipe, then add the photo or PDF. You can also add labels and optional keywords to help with searching.

When you upload the recipe, Recipe Tamer will try to read it using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the text. You won't see the text that's read, but it will be added to the search index to help you find the recipe.

At any time you can edit an uploaded recipe to type in the ingredients, instructions, notes, etc., just like with any other recipe.

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