Recipe Queues

Recipe Queues are ordered lists of recipes, which you can use to keep track of recipes you want to make. 

  • For example, if you plan our your meals for the week you could have a queue named "This Week's Meals" or "Meal Plan" where you add the recipes that you want to make, in the order you plan to make them.
  • You could keep a separate queue for recipes you've discovered recently and want to try.
  • When you import recipes from Web sites, Recipe Tamer automatically adds them to a queue named "Recent Imports" so you can easily find the recipes you've just imported.

Creating and Adding to Queues

To create a queue or add a recipe to an existing queue, click the button on the recipe view page or on the recipe search page.

Managing Queues

You can manage your queues from the Queues page or from the Queues list under the "recipe book" icon on the main menu.

When you add a recipe to a queue, it's added at the end of the list. You can change the order of recipes in the queue any time from the queue management page.

Removing Recipes from a Queue

There are several ways to remove a recipe from a queue:

  • On the queue management page, you can remove selected or all recipes from a queue.
  • When you view a recipe, the view page will show you all the queues that the recipe is in (this list appears near the top, beneath the title and labels). You can remove the recipe from a queue by clicking the trashcan next to the queue name.
  • When you cook a recipe, click the I Made It / Add a Note button in the History section at the bottom of the page. Recipe Tamer will list all the queues the recipe is in, and ask you if you want to remove it from them.

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